FTTUB starts the ITF Action Week on a powerful note


Оn 6th October FTTUB kicked off its ITF Action Week activities with a successful meeting at the Ministry of Transport, Information technologies and Communications. FTTUB’s delegation featured Ekaterina Yordanova, President FTTUB; Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary FTTUB, Road transport and Railways expert; Antonia Panayotova, Civil aviation expert; Mila Nikolova, Water transport expert; Sasho Aleksov, chairman of BRU at NRIC and BSR, and Ivelina Kachakova, member of the Executive Board of ETF Civil Aviation section. Minister Nikolina Angelkova participated Прочети още

ETF with a clear stand on the future of European aviation

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.48.07 AMAfter an intensive week of meetings and discussions, the Cabin Crew Committee of the ETF’s Civil Aviation Section announced its position on some vital issues related to the current and future state of European aviation.
There have been a number of proposals looking at the future of the Basic Regulation (216/2008) and EASA’s (European Aviation Safety Agency) remit. Shortly after the proposal for an amendment to this Regulation in the field of aerodromes, air traffic management and air navigation services (2013/0187 – COD), the European Commission and EASA launched two parallel consultations on the potential of further amendments to this Regulation.
The European Transport Worker’s Federation (ETF) is of the opinion that these consultations should not be used to withdraw the EASA part of the SES2+ initiative when the main issues with SES2+ (externalisation, application of market principles and forced structural separation between air navigation service providers and national authorities) remain untouched. Прочети още

Civil aviation representatives from all over the world mark 100th anniversary in Sofia

This year the world civil aviation marks the 100th anniversary of the first crossing of the air line between USA – Russia. A hydroplane transported on board passengers from the New to the Old world. This is the reason why today, a century later, workers in this sector celebrate the development of the most modern, preferred and fast growing means of transport worldwide.

Representatives from more than the 80 professions serving the industry, including pilots, cabin crew, airline technicians, dispatchers and ground staff from 115 countries will take part in the Evening of aviation at 22:30 h., at the thematic club NIGHT FLIGHT in Sofia. Under the thrill of emotions brought by  international dances (Bulgarian folk dances, Indian and Latin dances), as well as the performances of Elitsa and Stundji, aviators will celebrate not only their profession but also their calling.

Among the guests will be Captain Yanko Stoimenov in whose defense in 2013 all European and global pilot community stood up with the appeal: “No to the criminalization of the aviation accidents!”

The anniversary is part of the program of the 43rd Congress of the International Transport Federation (ITF), held in the capital, with the participation of 1,700 transport workers from all over the world.

In 2014 Bulgarian Civil Aviation commemorates its 67 anniversary and 102 years of the realization of first flight of Bulgarian aircraft.

Flags of INconvenience: Europe must stop social dumping and flags of convenience in aviation

“Flags of convenience”, the scheme used in the maritime sector to seek laxer regulatory, taxation and labour regimes, is threatening the European aviation industry.A joint declaration signed by the group directly representing both employers and workers in the industry warns against the rise of this new development: airlines using “Flags of Convenience” (FoC) undercut fair competition in the sector, avoid many regulations and scorn the globe to exploit labour without European social rights and standards.

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Europe must stop social dumping and flags of convenience in civil aviation

Around 120 delegates have gathered on the 1st and the 2nd of July 2014 in Catania, Italy, to attend a two-day conference on the evolution of the aviation labour market since the introduction of low fares airlines. Scientific research has revealed that the arrival of low fares airlines has introduced social dumping practices in the European aviation sector. The conference organised by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) demands that the Commission, the European Parliament and the Council stop these unfair practices and address the concerns of the workforce through the adoption of new specific legislation.
This conference is part of a wider EU funded project, which includes a scientific study that documents the impact of the new “flexible models” on employment in European civil aviation. The preliminary results have been presented by Professor Peter Turnbull (Cardiff University) and Dr Harvey Geraint (Birmingham University): “The data clearly illustrate the evolution in the civil aviation labour market that has increased the precariousness of work in the industry and altered the challenges facing trade unions”.

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Trade Union Council meeting of the trade union of BULATSA

On 14th June in the town of Hissarya, a Trade Union Council meeting of the trade union of BULATSA took place with the participation of FTTUB’s President Ekaterina Yordanova. She acquainted the audience with the outcome of the last regular ETF Civil Aviation Section meeting from June 4 2014 and the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee from June 5 2014.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the forthcoming 43rd ITF congress which is to be held in Sofia in August. Ekaterina Yordanova presented in detail to the Council the congress programme.The trade union structure’s participation in the preparation and the event activities were discussed in depth.

EP endorses Commission’s low-cost approach to SES2+

On 12 March 2014, the European Parliament (EP) has voted on the Single European Sky recast regulation (SES2+). Despite the pressure put by the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), its affiliates and other stakeholders, the EP did not oppose the European Commission’s approach to dogmatically liberalise the ATM (air traffic management) industry and disregarded its safety-critical aspects.

The ETF, representing more than 25,000 Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and ATM staff, has been opposing the Commission’s text on SES2+ from the beginning. The proposal introduces competition into all fields with a mandatory structural separation between supervisory authorities and service providers and with performance requirements driven by cost reduction. It also imposes a unique FAB (Functional Airspace Block) model which disregards particularities of individual member states and lacks any human or social dimension: no binding “human factor pillar” and no genuine social dialogue at all levels. Furthermore, with SES2+ the Commission is producing another piece of legislation, while the previous packages – (SES1 and SE2) – have not yet been fully implemented.

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New performance targets in ATM sector continue to jeopardise jobs

On 4 February 2014, after a long debate inside the Single Sky Committee and with a narrow majority the European Union-wide performance targets for the Air Traffic Management (ATM) network for the second reference period (2015-2019) have been approved. The agreement demonstrates that the economic interest of the airlines remains the only priority for the Commission, who keeps ignoring the negative effects on jobs in the ATM sector.

Initially, the European Commission proposed an annual reduction of the Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) costs of 2.5%. The Commission also wanted a unit rate reduction* of 4.49% per year for a total of 22.41%. Прочети още

European Parliament encourages low-cost air traffic control & navigation services

ETF demands to stop jeopardising jobs and safety in European Sky

On 29 and 30 of January 2014, the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and its national affiliates from 11 countries organised strikes and other actions in the context of the 2nd European Action Day to demand the establishment of a fair, cooperative and social Single European Sky (SES). The Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and the entire ATM (Air Traffic Management) staff called on the Transport Committee (TRAN) Members of the European Parliament to support their demands for a strong social dimension inside the SES. The TRAN Committee voted this morning on the so-called SES2+ package and ignored the concerns expressed by the ATCOs and all other involved employees.

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STOP jeopardizing jobs in European sky

ETF demands a social dimension inside the Single European Sky in its second European Action Day on 30 January 2014

Following the call of the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF), Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) and the entire Air Traffic Management (ATM) employees are mobilising for a new European Action Day on 30 January 2014 to demand the establishment of a fair, cooperative and social Single European Sky (SES). They will hold parallel walkouts, rallies, meetings and strikes across Europe calling on the European Parliament to stop a never ending process of liberalisation and cost cutting in the ATM industry. ETF affiliates from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden and UK are participating in the Action Day. On 30 January 2014, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament (TRAN) will vote on the package called SES2+ based on market principles, top-down approach and cost reductions, which would jeopardize safety and the number and quality of jobs.


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