I AM DELTA: The final countdown begins

The ITF-affiliated International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) filed for a vote on representation last month with support from 60 percent of the workforce. The voting period is expected to begin in the next 4-6 weeks.

Delta is the largest anti-union airline in the US and in the global aviation industry with only its pilots and a handful of flight dispatchers belonging to a union.

The IAM Delta campaign aims to encourage flight attendants to ‘vote yes’ to unionization which will give them contracts and job security. Прочети още

We all need to stand up for our Right to strike


On 18 February FTTUB will participate in the Global action day under the motto ‘Hands off our right to strike!’, organized by the International Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC), International Transport workers’ Federation (ITF), Public Services International (PSI) and other international federations representing workers from various sectors.

ITUC has prepared an in-depth analysis of the legal grounds for the right to strike and the role of ILO, which can be read here. The right to strike has been guaranteed as every worker’s legal right ever since ILO’s Convention 87 was adopted back in 1948. Each state which has ratified an ILO convention is bound to observe its regulatioons. Regardless of this, for the last few years the employers have been questioning and undermining this key worker’s right and its legal foundations; and as of today, according to ITUC’s data, workers in 37 countries have been detained for protests or strike activities. Прочети още

FTTUB starts the ITF Action Week on a powerful note


Оn 6th October FTTUB kicked off its ITF Action Week activities with a successful meeting at the Ministry of Transport, Information technologies and Communications. FTTUB’s delegation featured Ekaterina Yordanova, President FTTUB; Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary FTTUB, Road transport and Railways expert; Antonia Panayotova, Civil aviation expert; Mila Nikolova, Water transport expert; Sasho Aleksov, chairman of BRU at NRIC and BSR, and Ivelina Kachakova, member of the Executive Board of ETF Civil Aviation section. Minister Nikolina Angelkova participated Прочети още

Act now


From 6th to 12 Oct the annual ITF Action Week 2014 will take place. While it is primarily focused on rail and road transport, it also includes the World Day for Decent Work (7 Oct) and the day devoted to the specific topic of Containers Safety – 9 Oct. On this day, the two sections actions will be joined by their colleagues from two others, who also work with containers – ports and maritime transport. Many events are foreseen that will be presented every day on the site. Прочети още

ITF: Act now to support #DHLDelhi4


Workers at DHL India have been suspended from work and transferred hundreds of miles away from their families apparently as punishment for their trade union activities.
Sunil, Mahender, Kalyan and Sanjay need our support now.
Workers in Delhi are staging a Dharna (sit in) this Sunday. To coincide, ITF is launching two weeks of virtual Dharna. Here’s what you can do to support: Прочети още

Up to 95% from salaries saved from companies in the transport area


If a transport company hires a subcontractor under the “mailbox principle” for instance in Bulgaria, the same company might save up to 90-95% from salaries or social benefits. To this conclusion came the European Transport Federation’s survey conducted together with the FTTUB. The survey was presented yesterday, 13th of August on the 43rd ITF congress in Sofia.

The main conclusion of the survey is that the subcontracting companies have the habit of not organizing their main activities in the country where they conduct their businesses, thus avoiding the requirements of the labour law in the country. Прочети още