FTTUB joins the efforts for the reconstruction of Notre Damme Cathedral in Paris

Through the International Transport Federation, we call upon 20 million transport workers all over the world to join our appeal, commented FTTUB president Ekaterina Yordanova

On 16 April 2019, FTTUB Management Committee took the decision to join the global efforts for the reconstruction of the Notre Damme Cathedral in Paris.

FTTUB president Ekaterina Yordanova and the members of FTTUB Management Committee are calling upon their brothers and sisters from the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) with an appeal.

“Millions of people around the world are deeply disturbed by the devastating fire that nearly destroyed one of the world’s architectural symbols – the Notre Damme cathedral in Paris. So let us show our commitment to the global efforts and join in the reconstruction, each of us donating symbolically 1 euro cent for the renovation of Notre Damme.” Прочети още

FTTUB wishes you a bright Christmas and a happy 2019!

Warmest wishes from FTTUB team and president Ekaterina Yordanova, 
for lots of light and joy during the coming Christmas and New Year 
holidays, a lot of satisfaction and shared happiness with your loved ones!

In 2019, let us all together, and each one by their own powers, 
be creators of the changes we wish to see in the world! 
Let us help the good, the justice and the understanding grow among us!