Joint statement of the European social partners in Ports

On 12 December 2014, at Sectorial Social Dialogue Committee for Ports regular meeting, the European social partners adopted their first joint statement. It aims to give a clear political signal that employers and trade unions from the 4 representative sector organizations – Fiport, ESPO, ETF and IDC, are willing to work together. The overall objective is “the improvement of working and living conditions for the people employed in the sector as well the competitiveness and productivity within EU ports”. Прочети още

Regular Ground Staff Committee Meeting


On 13 and 14 November 2014 at the ITF House in London was held the regular Ground Staff Committee Meeting, Civil Aviation Section of the International Transport Federation (ITF). The meeting was attended by representatives of trade unions and professional associations from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Guatemala, Germany, Denmark, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Spain,

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Employment of women and young people in the focus of social dialogue

On 27th October 2014 a panel discussion was held on “The European face of Sofia: quality jobs for quality services in the public transport sector”, as part of a Youth forum 21st century Association project, funded by Sofia Municipality – “Youth partnership for European quality of public transport sector in the capital city”. Among the participants in the forum were Прочети още

FTTUB will participate in the Advisory Committee for railway safety


On 24th October at the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, representatives of Holding Bulgarian State Railways EAD and the National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC) presented their proposals for immediate, mid-term and long-term measures aimed at improving the work flow efficiency and the safety of transport in both companies to Minister Angelkova, Deputy minister Georgi Todorov, the management of Railway Administration Executive Agency (RAEA) and the managements of the nationally representative trade unions. Прочети още

News of the „new“ port regulation


On October 8th, the Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council within the Council of the European Union discussed the draft regulation on financial transparency and access to the market of port services. Designed to replace the previous Directive after a low-case loss and to contribute to more transparency, investments and quality in port services, it also raised a number of issues. Прочети още

For safer containers


Today, October 9, is the day of the ITF Action week dedicated to the container safety. This particular attention is due to the seriousness of this problem which affects workers in ports, maritime, road and rail transport and poses threats to them, the public and the environment. Containers are the most common method for freight and much of road accidents are due to improper packaging, weighing and transport, including the transport of dangerous goods. Прочети още