FTTUB’s Youth committee celebrated International Youth Day in Plovdiv

FTTUB`s Youth Committee celebrated the 12th of August – the International Youth Day in Plovdiv. The city, which was elected European Capital of Culture in 2019. Our youths visited the city’s children’s railroad and then took part in a competition that gathered many young people in one place.

Our team was : Daniel Vasilev, Georgi Voinishki and Ali Zaimov from Urban Mobility Center, Juliana Ivanova and Elinka Manolova from Sofia Airport, Adriana Spasova and Desislava Koteva from Electrical Transport, Nedko Rusatev from Burgasbus and two representatives of the FTTUB office – Ignacia Aceva and Lyubomir Drenski. Before the start of the competition, our members pleased the small children of the city with balloons and distributed specially prepared brochures for the holiday. They included information about both the Youth Committee and its campaigns and activities.

The FTTUB team thanked all people who took part in the celebration of the International Youth Day.