Action week of river cruise transport

On 4 April in Amsterdam started the action week of the river cruise transport  in Europe. It is organized by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its regional division – European Transport Federation (ETF). The two trade union structures are joining forces through their project “River cruise” aiming to protect workers in this sector and their working and living conditions. The specifics of work in inland navigation puts an equal sign between those two terms, as these employees practically live in their spare time on board – sometimes for months. Прочети още

Equality between all modes of transport


The state policy of equal opportunities for development for all modes of transport was the subject of a scientific conference in Sofia, which took place on March 31. The conference was organized by the Scientific and Technical Union for Transport, the Federation of Scientific Unions in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. The event was attended by representatives of FTTUB headed by the president of the federation Ekaterina Yordanova, who greeted the participants. Прочети още

Join the European Citizens’ Initiative for Fair Transport!


Goal: To adopt legislative and non-legislative measures at European level meant to solve in a fair way the existing problems, create a level playing field in the sector and better quality of the transport services.

Methodology: Implementation of clearer rules and unified requirements, enhanced control measures and actions at European level against unfair competition in every field – social dumping, informal economy, bad business practices, letter box companies, “race” instead of integration of the different modes of transport.

Participants: The civil society in the EU; 7 member states, including Bulgaria, are the initiators, but the subscription is carried out in all countries. For more information about citizens’ initiatives aiming changes through direct democracy see the website of the European Commission. The specific proposals by sectors of the European Transport workers’ Federation may be found in a series of articles on this site.

Voting procedure: To give your vote, go here, enter your personal data and click on “Submit” to send. The website is one for the entire European Union and security is guaranteed as it is needed for the petition’s validation.

Thank you for your support!

ETF Solidarity message following the terrorist attacks in Brussels

Brussels, 22 March 2016

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the ETF affiliates I want to convey our solidarity with the Belgian population, the Belgian ETF affiliates and all those directly and indirectly affected by the terrorist attacks in Brussels today, 22 March 201 6. The ETF Secretariat also expresses its warm gratitude for the numerous messages of solidarity and support it has received and confirms all colleagues are safe and unharmed. Our first thoughts and deepest sympathy go to the families, friends and colleagues of the people who died or got injured in the Brussels bombings aiming for no more than to continue spreading fear and division and to destabilise our societies. The ETF condemns in the strongest terms any act of terrorism hitting innocent lives with the sole goal to induce a worldwide escalation of violence and a downfall of respect for human and civil rights. We call upon all people worldwide, and in particular working men and women and their trade unions, not to allow such marginal groups of extremists to stir up feelings of racism and hatred in our societies. The contrary, such barbaric events need to strengthen our believe in the core values of democracy and justice. The ETF and its members offer all help and sympathy to those impacted by these dreadful acts of terrorism.

In solidarity,

Eduardo CHAGAS

ETF General Secretary

ITF statements of solidarity following Belgium terror attacks

To our colleagues in Belgium,

Today your country and its people were attacked by terrorists who targeted the users and workers of your nation’s transport systems. The attacks were cruel, deplorable and abhorrent to anyone who believes in decency, humanity and justice.

I can assure you that all of us throughout the ITF global family are shocked by these outrages, and ready to stand in sympathy and solidarity with those workers, passengers, citizens and visitors who have been affected, as well as with their families.

These killings and this attempt to intimidate the people of Belgium are the antithesis of everything you and we stand for and hold dear. We are ready to help in any way we can.

In solidarity, yours,
Steve Cotton
ITF general secretary

* * *

Please relay our deepest sympathies for those killed and maimed in the last round of terrorism in Brussels and our solidarity to all of the Belgian and Brussels community and labour movement at this time of  such great grief and trauma

Mass transport systems have again been a target of terrorism and we also reach out to all Belgian transport workers with empathy and wholehearted support in the hope and knowledge they will continue to deliver the essential support services that keep our modern lives functional and secure

This latest appalling round of violence and dysfunction against ordinary working women and men only makes our International Transport Workers Federation and the international labour movement more determined to achieve a just ,equitable and long term political economic industrial and social reconciliation based on genuine and cooperative engagement regardless of race religion gender or age.

The courage of the Belgian people in the face of this tragedy can only galvanize us in the wider trade union movement to search more deeply for long term solutions based on justice equity sustainability and accountability

Again, our deepest sympathies, most heartfelt empathy and solidarity at this most grievous time to all our Belgian brothers and sisters from Steve Cotton General Secretary, the Executive Board and all affiliates of the ITF

Sincerely and in unity
Paddy Crumlin
ITF President

Conference of the EU social partners in fisheries the Social Dialogue Committee

On March 17 and 18, a conference on “Possibilities offered by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) to support social dialogue in fisheries and the improvement of living and working conditions” took place in The Hague. The event was held within the project Towards a true socially sustainable EU Fishery: the contribution of EU social partners. It was attended by representatives of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee members – ETF and Europeche, the European Commission’s DG Mare and Farnet, DG Employment and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The conference was chaired by Cor Blonk in his double role of host as Chair of the SSDC and Dutchman.   Прочети още