Railway section with a seminar and a study


On 4 and 5 November 2015, at the ITF headquarters in London, the FTTUB representatives Daniela Zlatkova and Nadezhda Staneva participated in a seminar on “Perspectives for employment and training of staff in railway companies.”
At the seminar, a study on the promotion of employment and quality of work in the European rail sector was presented. The study had three focus points:
– vision and attractiveness of the jobs in the rail sector;
– perspectives and employment strategies in the European railway companies;
– sustainable working conditions, measures for development and retention of staff.
During the seminar, working groups worked on the following topics: the importance of skills and training to develop knowledge and skills; what measures can help to develop knowledge and skills; what can the social partners do to enclose the development of knowledge and skills. The reports of the groups made clear that if the railway companies wish to develop their human resources, they should allocate resources for vocational training. Social partners should train employees in other skills and competences – which remain out of the professional area, but are interesting and useful.
During the workshop, the Czech and the Italian railway companies presented their structures, their development strategies and their systems of remuneration.
Austrian and German Railways presented systems for training and human resource development in all structures, and a system for preventing employees from incidents.