Photographic exhibition “Spirit of Sofia” opened on the Bridge of Lovers


The exhibition “Spirit of Sofia” will shine from the Bridge of Lovers until 16 August.
To all of you who were at the opening – thanks for coming and sharing with us this special moment!

Many thanks to the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova, for her ceaseless support that helped turn the 43rd Congress of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) into the huge success it was! We also thank her for supporting our initiatives once again and for her powerful words at the opening of the exhibition – this means a lot to all of us at FTTUB.

IMG_7256Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia (on the right)

We thank the municipal councillor Veneta Serafimova, for loving Bulgaria and supporting its youth!
IMG_7216Veneta Serafimova, councillor at Sofia Municipal Council

We thank Captain Yanko Stoimenov and his exceptional wife Antoinette, for coming once again to Sofia, so they can share the moment with us!

We also thank Captain Stoimenov for reminding us once again that there is a purpose in our existence, and in our cause as a union.

A big ‘thank you’ to all who helped us make this exhibition possible!

To our photographers: Boris Dimitrov, Peter Yankulov, Mac Urata, Orlin Gergov, Christina Stoyanova, Krassimir Markov, Alina Milusheva, Radoslav Minchev, Vesselin Tsolev – thank you for the great moments you have captured!

To our charming curator Alina Milusheva, to Peter Yankulov and Yankulov Art Gallery – for their professionalism and the high quality of their work.

IMG_7257Peter Yankulov, Art Gallery Yankulov (pictured left)

Big thanks to our wonderful host Krasimir Kostov!
IMG_7047Krasimir Kostov

To Emil Shukadarov (leader of FTTUB’s youngest member – the organization at “Travel Time Bulgaria”) and Boris Dimitrov from “In Studio” for their warm words and their invaluable assistance in the implementation of all our projects.

IMG_7079Emil Shukadarov, Travel Time Bulgaria (pictured right)

IMG_7268Boris Dimitrov, In Studio (pictured left)

Last but not least, huge thanks to our sponsors “Alba F” who appreciated the significance of the event and considered it worth sharing!

We invite all our fellow citizens to visit the Bridge of Lovers, to explore these 56 photographic flashes of history and read in the eyes of the people on these photos the love for our capital city, for Bulgaria and everything Bulgarian!