The Fifth National Sports Festival of Transport Workers has finished


The worker-athletes from TSV are the winners in the Fifth National Sports Festival of Transport Workers, which took place from 15 to 18 June at the “Albena” resort. TSV won the competition with a total score of 69 points from team performances – by regulation only they bring points for the team. The second place went to the participants from Port Varna with an aggregate of 58 points and on the third one is the Urban Mobility Centre – Sofia with 51 points.

There was a dedicated cup for Fairplay whose winners were selected after a highly contested race between at least 3 teams, including our guests from Ukraine. Finally, the unanimous decision of the judges determined “Burgas bus” as winners, for a second time in a row.

The transport workers who took part in the competitions, once again showed remarkable spirit and will to win. This year many more players from different transport sectors took part in the race and there was an even larger variety of sports compared to last year. The most important thing was that the Fifth National Sports Festival turned into the First International one with the participation of teams from Ukraine and Croatia.untitled

The official ceremony of the winners was held in “Dobrudzha” restaurant. It was attended by the co-organizers’ representatives – the leadership of FTTUB, “European future” Foundation and “Travel Time Bulgaria», partners of FTTUB from large transport companies who came to support their own teams and the hosts from “Albena” resort. There was an official gala-dinner accompanied by an artistic programme. The participants were awarded with more than 250 medals along with four sports cups.kacciii

The winners were congratulated by the FTTUB President Ekaterina Yordanova. She urged for this onrush and impetus to be transferred to the workplace too. Champions from both genders were also involved as faces of the petition to the European citizens’ initiative «Fair transport”. For the implementation of the campaign in their workplace they received T-shirts and caps with the logo of the ECI. With them on, they will assist their own colleagues in signing the initiative and casting their votes. Mrs. Yordanova reminded that we are very far from the stated purpose, although it is in the strength of the Union, given its more than 10,000 members, to accomplish the target. The decisive campaign could begin actively with the celebration of the Day of the transport worker on 26 June. We are waiting for the first results and photos to be published on the website.IMG_3834

During the Sports event the FTTUB team handed out leaflets promoting the “Active in rest, active in labour” project funded by Programme Europe 2016 of Sofia Municipality. This project intends to gather transport workers and their families in the skirts of Vitosha mountain where they will celebrate together The Day of the Transport Worker by participating in various sports games and by sharing quality time, entertainment and useful information amid beautiful scenery. DSC04220

You and your family are welcome to celebrate with us!

Starting point: 9-9:30, the last stop of tram № 5 – Kniajevo.

Contact your FTTUB sectoral rep, so as to provide lunch and T-shirts for big and small.