Joint Statement of the European Aviation Sector Social Partners in the Air Crew Working Group on “Atypical employment.”

The Social Partners of the sectoral social dialogue committee for civil aviation read with great interest the study prepared by the University of Ghent on “Atypical employment in aviation”. The Conference held in Paris on the 12 & 13 February 2015 has given the Social Partners the possibility to discuss the findings of the study amongst themselves, with other stakeholders and with representatives of governments and the European Institutions.

The Social Partners acknowledge the identified need to effectively address certain types of employment which are creating unfair competition amongst airlines and are damaging for aircrews. The Social Partners agree with the message from the Study and the Conference debate and are ready to launch discussions about a framework for the aviation sector that aims a global level playing field. Common actions should be envisaged to stop the trend towards deteriorated employment conditions and flags of convenience. The Social Partners agree to continue their work in this field. They will take the necessary steps to actively engage with the various EU Institutions and with the national authorities to define, as a matter of urgency, a European aviation strategy with clear global objectives, priorities and deadlines.