Happy Baba Marta!

On 1 March we, Bulgarians, celebrate a millennia-old tradition called ‘Baba Marta’ (Granny March). It dates back to our Thracian ancestors and is a ritual for fertility and health throughout the year.

Everyone gives a Martenitsa made of intertwined white and red threads, to their relatives, loved ones and friends with wishes for health, happiness and longevity. Fruit trees and animals are also decorated – to help grant them fertility. It is also believed that Martenitsa has the magical power to protect against evil.

In Bulgarian folklore, red color has the life-giving power of the sun and infuses with energy every living creature. Red also symbolizes light, love, victory and valor. The white color symbolizes purity, innocence, joy and beauty.

So today, we’d like to invite you, our friends, to celebrate with us and wish you health, happiness, light and a fruitful year ahead!