Bulgaria said “Yes” on EU strategy for gender equality

After more than eight months of efforts and negotiations, the President of the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria (FTTUB ) and Vice president of the Women’s Committee of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Ekaterina Yordanova and her team achieved a positive result for the adoption and implementation of a Strategy for Gender Equality 2016 – 2019 , which would include specific commitments by each EU Member State. This became clear on December 7, at the Council of the European Union meeting of the labor ministers of the Member States. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Ivaylo Kalfin personally confirmed the agreement of Bulgaria for the establishment of  a new EU strategy.

To remind that in April 2015, in Brussels, a regular meeting of the Women’s Committee of the ETUC was held. There, Mrs. Yordanova addressed issues concerning specific measures for better results in the adoption of a Strategy for Gender Equality and was adamant that she needed more practically focused efforts and resources.At the Coordination Council of CITUB in June 2015, Ekaterina Yordanova as President of FTTUB and representative of CITUB in the Women’s Committee of ETUC suggested that the Confederation would encourage more political will and commitment on the issue of equality between women and men and for the formulation and implementation of specific and active policies with measurable impact .


On 30 November 2015., on behalf of FTTUB and ETUC Mrs. Yordanova for the second time addressed Minister Kalfin about the process of elaborating a new strategy for gender equality, stressing that the strategy should not be equated to a working document but have the status of an official Communication. At a meeting on the employment in EU, she called again Minister Kalfin for binding EU strategy and to reject any proposal that would not achieve this goal.

After all steps taken and efforts put, Bulgaria firmly supported a Strategy for Gender Equality which includes concrete measures to address and reduce inequalities between men and women to be implemented over the next three years.