Encouraging relaunch of dialogue

On September 14, 2016 an expert team of the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria (FTTUB), led by its President Ekaterina Yordanova, held an official meeting with the management of the DIRECTORATE GENERAL “Civil Aviation Administration”.

The meeting which was held on the initiative of FTTUB and which had originally been meant to be formal for introduction to the newly appointed Director General of DG “CAA” Ivan Ivanov, managed to turn into a vivid discussion.

Discussed were the dimensions of the relationship between the two parties which have demonstrated their intentions to revive, expand and fill their dialogue with real content. FTTUB committed to drafting and proposing Rules of procedure for the work of the Subsectoral Council for tripartite cooperation in the air transport. DG “CAA” will assist in identifying representative employers’ organizations in the field of air transport and their inclusion in regular meetings of the council.

Ekaterina Yordanova expressed gratitude for the good cooperation and for the assistance which DG “CAA” provided in gathering information on the implementation and enforcement of Regulation 083/2014 (FTL) in Bulgaria.

Antonia Panayotova, FTTUB International Cooperation and Civil Aviation expert, briefed DG “CAA” on the main priorities in the work programme 2016-2018 of the European sectoral social dialogue for civil aviation. Earlier in August FTTUB officially sent a letter to DG “CAA” with the position of the European Transport Workers’ Federation on Flight-cost sharing, which DG “CAA” fully supported at the meeting. In this regard concerns were expressed from both parties about the intentions of EASA for reducing the requirements for training and licensing of private pilots.

In connection with the participation of Bulgaria in the forthcoming 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly in late September 2016, FTTUB will bring to the attention of the Director General the working- and information  papers, which the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) intend to file in the Assembly .

At the end of the meeting both sides reaffirmed their intention to relaunch and strengthen the dialogue.