Equality between all modes of transport


The state policy of equal opportunities for development for all modes of transport was the subject of a scientific conference in Sofia, which took place on March 31. The conference was organized by the Scientific and Technical Union for Transport, the Federation of Scientific Unions in Bulgaria and the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications. The event was attended by representatives of FTTUB headed by the president of the federation Ekaterina Yordanova, who greeted the participants.


Aneta Angelova from the Ministry of Transport, Information Technology and Communications reported on the state policy of equality between modes of transport in accordance with European requirements. The executive director of “Holding BDZ” Vladimir Vladimirov presented a plan for development and rehabilitation of the state railway carrier. Representatives of other organizations of transport, logistics and local authorities also took part in the debate. Attendees were impressed by the activities of the Burgas municipality reported by the Deputy – Mayor of Transport and Finance Krassimir Stoychev. He presented the initiatives in urban development, especially in the development plan of sustainable urban transport and communications.
Mila Nikolova, FTTUB expert on international relations, presented the European Citizens Initiative “Fair Transport” and called on conference participants to support it. The initiative is particularly aimed at achieving a balanced model of transport services through quality employment – in all modes of transport and for all EU citizens.