European social partners for improving the quality of work in the railway sector

European social partners in railway transport, ETF and CER, launched a joint project “Promoting employment and quality of work in the European rail sector”, financed by the European Commission.

The aim of the project is to study the image, attractiveness, prospects and employment strategies in the sector, and contribute to identifying measures for building sustainable working conditions and policies for attracting staff and its subsequent retention and career development. On the basis of the analysis and the good practices, the social partners will draft joint recommendations to promote employment and quality of work in the European rail sector, which will be the subject of negotiation within the European sectoral social dialogue.

The first project seminar was held in early July in Madrid. Main focus was on policies to attract and retain personnel. Good practices from France, Germany, Sweden and Italy were presented.

In addition to well-developed communication strategies for attracting new employees, railway companies rely on trust, transparency of procedures, inclusion of workers in decision-making, career opportunities and many other measures which create the prerequisites for a high motivation for work.

FTTUB participates in the project with a representative in the Steering committee, which contributed to the inclusion of Bulgarian railway companies among those selected for in-depth study.