FTTUB and the World Enviroment Day

FTTUB celebrated the World Environment day by cleaning the front yard of their head office and by designing a flower bed at their own expense.

The event is a part of the overall environmental philosophy shared by the Federation, which is one of their main horizontal policies. This undertaking also lies within the range of the initiative “72 hours for sustainable development” on the occasion of 5 June – the International Day for Environment Protection, and in the framework of the Project #CSR 034-197/08.08.2013 named “Environmental formation of youth as a bridge to a sustainable development of the community“funded by the Switzerland Confederation through its Fund for Reforms on the Civil Society Involvement.
At 6 PM a flash mob called “Green code” will start in front of NPC (The National Palace of Culture).”Wear green, come at the entrance of NPC and be a part of the “Environmental Madness for Change” is the call launched by the event organizers “Youth forum 21st century” and the Public Community Center „Future Now”.