FTTUB family grows

On October 23,2014 a team of the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria (FTTUB) visited the headquarters of „Lufthansa Technik Sofia” Ltd. to present formally to the company’s management the newly created trade union of technical staff.
The meeting was attended by Ekaterina Yordanova, President of the FTTUB, Rüdiger Hoeben-Stoermer, CEO of “Lufthansa Technik Sofia” Ltd., Todor Stanev, Secretary of the newly established organization and expert teams on both sides.
In front of the management Ekaterina Yordanova presented FTTUB as the family to which the new affiliate will belong. She expressed the union’s willingness to establish a relationship of mutual respect and understanding, a spirit of constructive and fruitful cooperation.
Mr. Hoeben-Stoermer made a presentation on the history and core business of “Lufthansa Technik”. He assured that the management of the company perceives the existence of the union as a chance to improve dialogue between workers and employers, which would be of mutual interest.
At the end of the meeting both parties once again declared their intention and good will to build a fair, fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership.
The trade union of technical staff to “Lufthansa Technik Sofia” Ltd. was established in early October. The co-founders designated as President of the structure Stoyan Stoyanov, and for its secretary Todor Stanev.
Along with building organizational capacity and under the guidance of FTTUB the union prepares to create an operating framework of the Council for Social Cooperation in the company and start the process of collective bargaining with the employer.