FTTUB marked 24 May, the day of Cyrillic script and Bulgarian culture, with a traditional Bulgarian round dance.


May 24th is the brightest national holiday we have. It is uniquely Bulgarian, just as Bulgaria is unique for its script, its culture, its Enlightenment and all these traditions that we protect and pass on from generation to generation.

The Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria, as a messenger of Bulgarian culture, shared the Cyrillic script and the Bulgarian alphabet with nearly 2,000 delegates of 116 countries form the four corners of the world, who took part in the 43rd Congress of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), which FTTUB organized and hosted in Sofia in 2014. The 43rd ITF Congress was marked by the Bulgarian alphabet, and thus our alphabet became part of the rich history of a global organization.

Now, on occasion of 24 May, “Bulgare” folk song and dance company is running the campaigns “I love Bulgarian Dances” and the “Hold on, Earth, Bulgarians are dancing!”. Bulgarians from all over the world are taking part in these initiatives. As a longstanding partner of the troupe, the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria also became part of this campaign.

FTTUB’s President Ekaterina Yordanova; Maria Kostova – member of FTTUB Executive Board; Iskra Tsakova – President of FTTUB’s Women’s Committee, FTTUB members and staff gathered at the West Park in Sofia to record their message for the campaign of “Bulgare” ensemble, with a performance of the traditional “Daychovo Choro” round dance. The choice of location was due to the fact that 24 May is also the European Day of Parks. Thus, the dance became our tribute to both our culture and our beautiful nature.

FTTUB’s President and councilor at Sofia Municipal Council Ekaterina Yordanova also took part in the festive procession from the Presidency to the National Library “Saints Cyril and Methodius”. She attended the ceremony at the monument of the brother saints in front of the National Library and was part of the official visit to the national exhibition on occasion of the 1200th anniversary of St. Methodius’ birth.


Ekaterina Yordanova congratulated the Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova – a former teacher, and Yanka Takeva – President of Bulgarian Teachers’ Union.