International day for elimination of violence against women

This year the campaign of FTTUB dedicated to 25 th of November – United Nations’ International Day for elimination of violence against women, started a week earlier with signing of a series of agreements with mayors of three cities in Bulgaria. The aim of this agreement is co-operation in combating violence against women in the workplace in urban transport of each respective municipalities-partner.

The agreement supports the development of a methodology for collecting information on cases of violence against women, as well as organizing campaigns, analysis of collected data, preparation of recommendations and implementation of measures to eliminate violence against women.

On 20 November an agreement was signed with the Mayor of Sliven – General Nikola Milev
On November 21 an agreement was signed with the Mayor of Burgas, Mr. Dimitar Nikolov
On November 22 President of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova signed an agreement with the Mayor of Varna, Mr. Ivan Portnih.


Especially for 25th of November FTTUB was planning to organize also seminars and round tables with female workers in public transport from the cities partners in agreements, but the Organization for participation of our structures in the extraordinary protest of Confederation of independent trade unions in Bulgaria on November 20, was the occasion this seminars to be displaced in December.

The signing of the agreements has its own history, which began in 2009 on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the declaration of November 25 as a day to eliminating violence against women by UN. Then FTTUB signed the first agreement with the Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova with the aim to prevent harassment and violence against women in the system of public transport in Sofia.

Since then were signed more agreements and also was taken actions by the companies – on 07. 03. 2012 with BDZ Passenger Services Ltd; on 23. 11. 2012 with Sofia Airport Ltd;