ITF Women’s Committee Resolution on violence against women

Taking into account that through the recent high profile in the media of some horrific cases around the world, there is an increased awareness of violence against women, violence against women continues to increase in every country, in every region.
Violence against women is a cultural problem, perpetuated by political policies and the economic crisis, that affects all woman including transport workers.
We therefore call on the Executive Board to urge General Secretaries of all affiliates to lead and implement the ITF campaign on all forms of violence against women and the UN day of action on 25th November to eliminate violence against women.
The committee calls on the General Secretaries of ITF affiliated unions to raise awareness using ITF campaigns in all sectors and regions.
We also urge the General Secretaries of all ITF affiliate unions to bring to the attention of their governments and to seek ratification of the UNCSW 57th agreement on violence against women and girls and notify the ITF of action taken.