Round table “The rights of Bulgarians on the labor market in Germany”

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On 16. 12. 2013 in the CITUB’s headquarter was held a round table with topic “The rights of Bulgarians on the labor market in Germany”, in which participated expert from FTTUB – Georgi Georgiev..
The round table is a part of the joint project “Fair mobility”, which is implementing between CITUB and CL “Podkrepa”. The reason for convening the round table is imminent repeal of restrictions on the labor market in EU member countries after January 2014, and the challenges that will face Bulgarian citizens and foreign employers ensuring legal employment and decent work. The roundtable was attended also by Hasan Ademov Minister of Labour and Social Policy
Plamen Dimitrov – President of CITUB, Dimitar Manolov Vise-president of CL “Podkrepa”, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Employment Agency, General Labour Inspectorate Executive Agency and also employer’s organizations.
After presented topics “The labor market in Germany,” “Project Fair mobility” and Information brochure “Knowledge is Protection” participants discussed the issue of the rights of Bulgarian workers in Germany.