Trade unions in transport and communications and new European and regional challenges

On September 16th, a meeting held in Scopje joint representatives of six large trade unions from different countries from the Balkans’ region – Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. They met to discuss on “Trade unions in the traffic and communication sector – new regional and european challenges”. The president of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova, who is also Vice-president of the ETF and a member of the EC of ITF, acquinted the delegates with the activity of these organisations and their participation in partners’ initiatives. Throughout her presentation she spoke of the ETF’s program voted at the Berlin’s congress in May 2013, of the priorities of ITF from the last congress in Mexico, its current projects and the next congress in Sofia.
The delegates shared opinions and found common problems in the collective bargaining activity in their countries. They were unanimous when adopting conclusions: the international and especially the regional collaboration are crucial for the success of their actions. E. Yordanova invited the presented trade unions to apply for membership in ETF and ITF, which also would ensure a better coordination and partnership in the region.