Act now


From 6th to 12 Oct the annual ITF Action Week 2014 will take place. While it is primarily focused on rail and road transport, it also includes the World Day for Decent Work (7 Oct) and the day devoted to the specific topic of Containers Safety – 9 Oct. On this day, the two sections actions will be joined by their colleagues from two others, who also work with containers – ports and maritime transport. Many events are foreseen that will be presented every day on the site.

Traditionally, FTTUB is actively involved in this initiative which is an opportunity for coordinated joint actions of the trade unions as part of the global family of MTF. Such actions could lead to faster and successful outcomes of specific or general issues. This is also the time to address these issues, attract mass attention and increase awareness and understanding of society needed for further steps. So let’s recap objectives and tasks, gather our forces and ACT NOW!