FTTUB starts the ITF Action Week on a powerful note


Оn 6th October FTTUB kicked off its ITF Action Week activities with a successful meeting at the Ministry of Transport, Information technologies and Communications. FTTUB’s delegation featured Ekaterina Yordanova, President FTTUB; Daniela Zlatkova, Executive Secretary FTTUB, Road transport and Railways expert; Antonia Panayotova, Civil aviation expert; Mila Nikolova, Water transport expert; Sasho Aleksov, chairman of BRU at NRIC and BSR, and Ivelina Kachakova, member of the Executive Board of ETF Civil Aviation section. Minister Nikolina Angelkova participated together with the Deputy Minister Georgi Todorov; and the Adviser to the Minister Anton Ginev. The meeting was also attended by Georgi Peev, CEO of BULATSA; Vesselin Vasilev, CEO of “Railway Administration” Executive Agency (RAEA) and Daniel Nedelkov, Chief Secretary of RAEA.


On occasion of the forthcoming Container safety day, Ekaterina Yordanova handed Minister Angelkova ITF’s letter on the introduction of global standards for container safety. She presented the position of ITF and FTTUB on container safety to the Ministry delegation, and familiarized them with the forthcoming adoption of a Code of practice for packing transport units (containers) by the ILO, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). FTTUB and the Minsitry of Transport agreed to work in partnership for achieving the goals laid out in ITF container safelty letter, namely taking steps to implement the global recommendations by the ILO, IMO and UNECE on container safety; adopting the provisions of the ILO/IMO/UNECE Code of Practice on Packing of Cargo Transport Units into national legislation, and adopting national ‘chain of responsibility’ regulations.


FTTUB also presented a summary of the project Cross Road in which FTTUB was a key partner of the ETF. The Ministry and FTTUB agreed to hold a meeting on 10th October, with the participation of Executive Agency “Automotive Administration”, where FTTUB will be able to share the research findings of the Cross Road project with all the stakeholders and to identify measures for improving the working conditions of Bulgarian truck drivers on European roads.

In relation to the forthcoming meeting of the Council of EU transport ministers on 8th October in Luxembourg, the Ministry presented their positions on “Single European Sky2+” (SES2+) and the “political pillar” of the Fourth Railway Package, in particular the proposal to create a single European railway area by opening the market for domestic services for rail passenger transport. Minister Angelkova said that “we are counting on FTTUB recommendations, in order to protect in the best possible way the interests of Bulgaria at the Luxembourg meeting .” Georgi Peev, CEO of BULATSA and Vesselin Vasilev, CEO of “Railway Administration” Executive Agency (RAEA) also took part in the discussion. It became evident that on most key points of debate within SES2+ and Fourth Railway package, FTTUB, the Ministry and the two authorities, share common positions.