FTTUB’s Youth and Women’s committees hold a meeting at the seaside


The joint initiatives of Youth and Women’s Committees of FTTUB continue. After the rose picking in Karlovo and the charity sale for the benefit of children from the protected house in the city, a special meeting for the Youth and Women of FTTUB was organized in “Albena” resort during the Transport Workers’ Sports Championship. It aimed to make more visible the participation of women and youth in sports activities and to highlight their role both in the labor process at the workplace and in their free time – in winning sports awards. Their contribution was emphasized once again at the awarding ceremony during the gala – dinner.

The meeting was held in an informal atmosphere on the beach. The president of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova presented the main points in the ongoing gender equality agenda. She explained why this issue is a priority both on a global scale and in the work of FTTUB: real equality leads to stability and economic growth. However, the latest studies in this filed show poor results even for Europe and lead to the conclusion that the problem requires much more resources and efforts invested, in order to be resolved. One of the most important conditions for that is the participation of men and boys in all initiatives for gender equality. Therefore, this cooperation between the two committees – Women and Youth, which began with their official establishment after FTTUB’s last Congress, represents a step in the right direction that will further be encouraged.