The countdown has started!


In less than a month before the Congress’s start two more related collective events took place:
In Varna a meeting of the youth members of FTTUB from West and East Ports and Urban Transport was held. It was also attended by the three trade unions’ leaders, the co-presidents of the Youth Committee of FTTUB and experts. The Congress’ s theme document, the main and fringe program and the cultural agenda were reviewed and discussed. A special attention has been put on popularising the Congress, with a highlight on the fresh youth’s ideas. The youth network will still serve for further discussions and preparations.


On the next day, in Sofia, youth and volunteers from several transport companies gathered to visit the National Palace of Culture aiming to familiarise with the place and their work for the upcoming congress. They met “Travel Time” agency representatives to receive more detailed information and specific tasks for the scheduled meetings and fringe events. The volunteers could sign up for activities of their choice. The meeting was a good occasion for all to meet their future “colleagues”, telling them goodbye for a while only until getting together for the long awaited event.