Education as an investment

Another important event took place within the preparatory information meeting – Mrs. Yordanova also presented the CITUB initiative for support of Bulgarian education. The volunteers, all of them FTTUB members, participated in the subscription. They also committed to pass on the message and the noble initiative. Underlined was the important role of trade unions and professional training.
FTTUB monitor and support this campaign from its very beginning. Knowledge and competence, as well as professional qualification have always been a priority of our union. Therefore the establishment of FTTUB’s Centre for Vocational Training, led by its Headmaster Lyudmila Serkedjieva, is not coincidental. Since the beginning of 2014 more than 250 training hours have been conducted at the Training centre. Let us remind that the work program of FTTUB adopted at last year’s Congress includes annual trainings for 20% of each affiliate’s members, so that during the 5-year period till next FTTUB congress each member should undergo such training. FTTUB team and its President firmly believe in the importance and power of knowledge for the realization and protection of human and trade union rights. Therefore we are eager to see our affiliates‘ curricula with their new ideas and suggestions for trainings which would be interesting and useful for a wide range or different groups of our members.