General assembly of TUTS

On January 22, 2015 as a result of perfect preparation was held a general assembly of the Trade union of the technical staff in “Lufthansa Technik” Sofia Ltd (TUTS). The meeting was attended by the majority of the union members. TUTS is the youngest affiliate of the Federation of transport trade unions in Bulgaria (FTTUB). Set up in early October 2014, the organization was later presented formally to the management of the company by Ekaterina Yordanova, President of FTTUB.
The gathering was officially opened by Stoyan Stoyanov, President of the newly established organization, and by the Secretary Todor Stanev. He gave the floor to Ekaterina Yordanova who welcomed the audience and presented the attending expert – legal team of FTTUB.
The work of the meeting continued on the merits. Elected were representatives from all teams – divisions, stations, shops and units, and established was Trade Union Council with a view to greater flexibility, efficiency and full transparency of the activities of the organization.
Following the agenda of the meeting, the audience defined the thematic range of problematic issues intended to be incorporated in future dialogue with the employer. As a result of the active discussion on these matters became clear that there are firm intentions to coordinate efforts for improving conditions of work and rest, planning, career development, etc. in the spirit of constructivism and mutual respect.
The gathering identified the priorities in the organization’s activity, which will start with the upcoming negotiation on the most appropriate format of social dialogue with the employer and the creation of a Social Partnership Council.