Successful ending of the Transport Operational Program

That what is expected – as clarified on 22 January at MTITC annual meeting of the Operational Programme “Transport” 2007 – 2013. In the hall “Musala” of the “Hilton” hotel in Sofia, in the presence of the media and representatives of all stakeholders, including FTTUB as a member of the Supervisory Board on the program, Minister Moscowski summed what has been made so far and expressed hope that, by the end of the year, all projects will be completed and funds utilized at 100% . The 1.5 billion leva already paid are 71% of them. The delay, due mainly to heavy expropriation procedures and archaeological works, is expected to be overcome.
During the period, works covered 22 projects, 7 of them fully completed. 140 km of highways were commissioned, 13 km new metro lines with 13 underground stations, 242 km railways were renovated and built, the railway station Pazardzhik was renovated and a River Information Center launched in Ruse. Expected to be completed: 3 more large railway projects, renovation of rail stations Sofia and Burgas, highways “Struma” and “Maritza” lots, extensions of the first two metro lines and more. Work on the transport network of the country as part of the TEN – T continues through the new Operational Program Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014 – 2020.”
FTTUB highly appreciates the progress and supports the efforts for successful completion of the commitments. It welcomes all measures taken by the Management Body to improve the implementation as a result of the experience gained.