German guests in Sofia

On April 27 and 28 FTTUB hosted a group of young people from railway sector, members of the German trade union EVG. Their visit to Sofia is a part of a special project realization according to which within a month’s time they are supposed to visit different countries from Northern and Southern Europe and to have meetings with young representatives of the railway sector. The purpose of their visit is to exchange experience and ideas with their fellow colleagues from different trade unions.
Southern group – Carolyn (in charge of training and communications), Johannes (mechanic), Pascal (information desk at the station) and Florian (conductor) – were welcomed by the co-chair of the FTTUB’s Youth Committee Georgi Georgiev, Plamena Zhelyazkova – representative of the railways in the Executive Board of the FTTUB’s Youth Committee and other members, and all together discussed the guests’ programme at a friendly dinner. On April 28 at 9 a.m. the young people took part in the CITUB’s initiative for laying wreaths in commemoration of the International Day of the victims of industrial accidents (see more here). After that they had the opportunity to learn more about our city and its landmarks.
Later they met with their colleagues from the Bulgarian State Railways at the company’s headquarters to discuss the challenges facing the railway sector in Europe and the problems of young workers, youth unemployment, social dialogue and their involvement in it.
Then the young German guests visited the office of FTTUB where they made a video link and had a video chat with fellow colleagues from their own trade union to share the excellent impressions of their visit to Sofia before moving on to Thessaloniki. We hope that the friendships created will one day lead them back to Bulgaria for joint initiatives with FTTUB for better European future of young railwaymen!