Minutes before the start of the national protest organized by Соnfederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria and in the presence of FTTUB President the collective agreement in “Sofia Airport” JSC has finally been signed

Today, 20/11/2013, at Sofia airport, after long and hard negotiations that took a lot of efforts in search of reasonable compromises trade unions and employer signed a collective agreement for a period of two years. In The meeting, as the most part of negotiations, were attended by Ekaterina Yordanova, FTTUB President, and experts from the Union.
The collective agreement for Sofia Airport was signed also due to the support of European Transport Federation (ETF), International Transport Federation (ITF) and the personal contribution of the President of Соnfederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) Plamen Dimitrov and the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications of Bulgaria Mr. Danail Papazov.
A few weeks earlier, the stop of outsource procedure for cleaning services at the airport was agreed.