Regular Ground Staff Committee Meeting


On 13 and 14 November 2014 at the ITF House in London was held the regular Ground Staff Committee Meeting, Civil Aviation Section of the International Transport Federation (ITF). The meeting was attended by representatives of trade unions and professional associations from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Guatemala, Germany, Denmark, Ethiopia, India, Ireland, Spain,

Italy, Jordan, Canada, Norway, USA, Hungary, Chile, Sweden, Japan and others. FTTUB was presented by Antonia Panaiotova, an “International Relations” expert and a member of the ITF Section Committee of Civil Aviation.

During the first day Gabriel Mocho Rodriguez, secretary of the Civil Aviation Section of the ITF, expressed gratitude to FTTUB and Bulgaria for the hospitality and the excellent organization of the 43rd Congress of the ITF, which was held in August 2014 in Sofia. Reported were the results and the adopted resolutions at the Civil Aviation Section Conference which was part of the Congress timetable.

The meeting continued with a discussion of the work program 2015-2018 of the Section, and with the presentation of a calendar of events and activities for the intercongress period.

The participants were introduced to a report on the participation of the ITF in the 16th Annual International Conference on groundhandling services held a few days earlier in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The work continued with a report of the 12th ICAO Air Transport Regulatory Meeting and follow up work in ICAO. The day ended with the various countries’ reports.

The next day there were meetings dedicated to the largest global groundhandling providers and MRO organizations.