Support for DHL Colombia workers


FTTUB stands firmly with the workers at DHL Colombia in their just fight for respect of their rights, and in support of their union activist from Bogota Jose Ignacio Garzon, relocated by the management of DHL Express to another job, and then suspended, as a punishment for his union activism.

We insist that DHL and their subsidiary in Colombia, DHL Express, cease the violations of workers’ rights, and make sure that from now on each one of their employees can enjoy freely their most fundamental rights: freedom of association and the right to join a union.

We insist that the management of DHL Express reinstate Jose Ignacio Garzon to his original job, respect its workers and start a process of collective bargaining with SNTT, the union chosen by the workers at DHL Colombia to represent their interests.

We join in the solidarity expressed by ITF and its affiliates worldwide, ETF and UNI Global Union.