The new face of Eurocadres


A routine event as the annual General Assembly of Eurocadres that took place on 20 October turned to historical because of its new vision – logo, visual identity and website, which were officially presented (see here ). The orange – petrol green pictogram perfectly matches the idea of unity in diversity, inherent to an intersectoral organization as the Council of Managerial and Professional Staff.

In his speech after the opening the Eurocadres’ president Martin Jefflén pointed out the three priorities that the organization works on: Stronger Knowledge-Based Europe, Real Freedom of Mobility and Quality of Working Life. He reported the activity in the past year, mainly focused on the Trade Secrets debate, held through advocacy/ lobbying, social dialogue and project work. He admitted that the new requirements to the EC funded projects had a negative effect on the Eurocadres work too by rejecting 77 % of the total amount of proposals. Yet, the financial report was positive due to the secretariat efforts and their “austerity measures”.

As main challenges for the period he pointed out the Better Regulation EC program that seems to turn to merely “Less Regulation” and the poor condition of the social dialogue in spite of the new commitments made by the President Junker in March this year. It goes on within the context of a real industrial revolution due to the digitalization and the Digital Single Market establishment along with a more and more visible climate change. Both require an early start of reaction and a just transition at the aim to revive and keep competitive the European economy.

The debate which followed the report focused on the role of the Trade Unions and Eurocadres in particular in this context. The objective to ensure that issues are rightly addressed was complemented by the delegates who asked for a more result oriented, active and visible representation of the European M&PS. With the full understanding that it is a matter of resources, the French TU UGICT – CGT launched a proposal for inclusion of the affiliate organizations through their own initiatives.

A discussion on the labor mobility gathered guests from the European Commission, Eurofund and European Parliament who commented and answered questions. Different aspects of the mobility were in the spot including the social dumping. The ETF representative Mila Nikolova invited the audience to join the ECI for Fair Transport (see here).

Eurocadres GA 20 10 2015 (2)

An emergency resolution on the mobility and the refugees was adopted demanding real access to the labor market and equal treatment for all workers – professionals and managers for the full and fruitful use of their potential.