“Women entrepreneurship and women-led enterprises”

IMG_2104The President of the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria /FTTUB/ Ekaterina Yordanova and the President of Entrepreneurs GERB Valya Chilova, both candidates for municipal councillors from GERB Sofia, united in their support of women entrepreneurship which is one of the topics announced by the European Commission for the first ever Horizon Prize for Social Innovation.

The European Commission, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank Institute, plan to launch a € 2 Million Horizon prize on a social challenge chosen by the public, as part of Horizon 2020, the EU’s biggest ever research and innovation framework programme. Women entrepreneurship is one of the announced topics, among other social challenges.

The European Union would like to launch this prize to stimulate women entrepreneurship by addressing the obstacles to women-led enterprises and entrepreneurial activities, and improving women’s access to support and finance. Ekaterina Yordanova and Valya Chilova firmly believe that if this issue is brought to the fore and wins the prize, women entrepreneurs with their social sensitivity will, in their turn, help coping with other nominated social challenges proposed by the EC for the “Horizon”.

Ekaterina Yordanova and Valya Chilova are calling to vote actively until 12:00 noon on 21 October 2015 / Wednesday / for the challenge “Women entrepreneurship and women-led enterprises” at the following link: here

Voting closes at 12:00 Brussels local time on 21 October 2015.