Joint recommendations of the European social partners for the employment of women in public transport

On 08.04.2014, in Brussels, ETF and the International employers’ organization for public transport /UITP/ signed joint recommendations “To increase the employment of women in public transport.” These recommendations are the result of a long-awaited project WISE /„Employment of women in the urban public transport”/, in which participated five employers and five unions – members of the ETF, one of which was FTTUB.

The project WISE, in which Steering committee was the president of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova, was launched in December 2010, and its purpose was to prepare an analysis of the employment of women in public transport by conducted workshops in companies from Germany, Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland.
During the workshops, the Steering Committee of WISE, representatives of trade unions, employers and institutions discussed many topics: „Organization of working time“, „Reconciliation of work and personal life “, „Health and safety at work “, „Working culture“, „Payment“, „Career, qualification and training“, “Personnel recruitment”.

FTTUB hosted a workshop in Sofia, attended by two urban transport companies that were held in the survey too. These companies were Metropolitan and Elektrotransport.

The envisaged in the project “Analysis of the employment status of women in public transport” was prepared and issued in English, French and German and is available on the project website WISE. A summary of the analysis is published in Bulgarian language. Due to the importance of the topic, and so that the members of FTTUB directly benefit from the activities of the Union, the whole analysis was translated into Bulgarian. It was presented and distributed during the FTTUB Women’s Conference in March 2013.
With these joint recommendations, the European social partners address the barriers faced by women in the sector and propose some solutions to counter stereotypes such as developing women-friendly recruitment, training and career policies that offer clear objectives and development opportunities, offering working conditions that allow better reconciliation of work and social life, analysing the scale of the salary gap between men and women and tackling the effects of a masculine working culture, etc.

The signing of recommendations to improve the share of women employed in public transport is one of the outstanding achievements of FTTUB due to our significant contribution to the project, workshop organization in Sofia and participation in other meetings, preparation of the analysis, development of recommendations and tough negotiations for the adoption of the final text.

ETF member organizations now have the ability to take full advantage of the project results and recommendations at the national level to increase the employment of women in the sector and improve the working conditions for them.

Full text of the joint recommendations can be found on this address.