Better conditions for women in public transport

On the 4th of March 2014 the President of the Federation of Transport Trade Union in Bulgaria (FTTUB) Ekaterina Yordanova and the Mayor of Sofia Ms Yordanka Fandakova signed up an agreement for cooperation in promoting and creating better conditions for a higher female employment in the urban transport.

The event was attended by the Executive Directors of the main four companies and the leaders of their Trade Unions affiliated to FTTUB.

Signed at the verge of the Annual National Women Committee’s Conference and the International Women’s Day and soon after the Day of Equal payment in EU, such an agreement reaffirms the real common effort of both sides in the scope of their competencies to implement in the best way gender equality policies. The initiative reflects the understanding of the social partners that the pursuit of quality public services inevitably passes through the creation of high-quality and attractive jobs.

Both parties agreed:

  •   To enhance their cooperation on equal opportunities for women and men;
  •     To analyze policies to attract and motivate staff in the public transport and support the career development of women;
  •     To work for higher qualification for women;
  •     To develop and implement policies to reconcile work and private life;
  •     To take action to increase women’s ability to meet the requirements of the labor market after a long absence due to maternity leave;
  •     To work for better health and safety conditions in the workplace;
  •     To keep addressing the gender pay gap;
  •     To encourage women to “new” jobs in emerging professions and so-called “green jobs” etc.

The Agreement is concluded under the program of FTTUB on equal opportunities for participation and progress of women in the labor market and promoting activities for reconciliation of work and private life. The question is of great value, since the achievement of equal opportunities for men and women is extremely important for young people due to the demographic crisis and the problem of youth unemployment.

“The municipality and FTTUB will continue to work hard to develop and implement more and more initiatives to impose really high European standards of work and life, as we both believe that people are the most important resource in any economy,” said Ekaterina Yordanova after signing the agreement.