A new partnership start

On 23 January 2015, a new partnership start has been officially set up by the signing of a CBA for the employees of Executive Agency Maritime Administration. At a sectoral level, a meaningful and fruitful dialogue between the Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria and government agency has longtime been established, but this is the first contract at the level of trade union organization. It is meant to be next step in the development of effective cooperation.

The successful completion of negotiations is due to the special merit of Exec. Director of Maritime Administration Capt. Zhivko Petrov, the chairman of the trade union Kamen Krachmarov and the president of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova. The signed CBA is a good basis for further initiatives in the social field and for better dialogue between employees and state or European institutions. The CBA highlight is the commitment to common efforts aimed at higher wages, which is a priority issue for union members. Also, parties agreed to sign an Agreement on employees working as civil servants by the end of February 2015.