Austrian visit in Sofia

After the visit of CITUB and FTTUB reps in Austria last December(see here), on 26th and 27th January the visit was returned. Our guests have also been trained within the international project for decent work. Doris Bauer is employed in a governmental organization leading social projects and Harald Obenhaus is a TU activist working in a company for new generation automotive and railway parts.
In the morning of 27.01., the guests visited the headquarters of FTTUB. They have been acquainted with the activities of the Federation on various projects. Ms. Serkedjieva, Director of VTC, presented the FTTUB trainings – both professional and trade union ones. Important trade union issues were discussed, including how to work on through trainings and projects at national and international level.
At 11 a.m. our guests visited the depot “Obelya” of the metropolitan subway. There, the group was welcomed by the President of the trade union affiliate of FTTUB Mr. Pavel Dimov and its representative at the depot Mr. Vl. Manov. The guests could see all kind of trains running the lines and the practical work on repair, maintenance and storage of machinery, as well the working conditions in the depot. After the tour they had a conversation on the social dialogue in the company and the hosts presented their achievements in collective bargaining that reasonably impressed the guests. It was emphasized that dialogue is impossible without the goodwill of both the sides.
FTTUB thanks our colleagues for their generous hospitality and for the opportunity to show the very best and most modern of the metropolitan transport!