Action week of river cruise transport

On 4 April in Amsterdam started the action week of the river cruise transport  in Europe. It is organized by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and its regional division – European Transport Federation (ETF). The two trade union structures are joining forces through their project “River cruise” aiming to protect workers in this sector and their working and living conditions. The specifics of work in inland navigation puts an equal sign between those two terms, as these employees practically live in their spare time on board – sometimes for months.

The kick of event of the action week was a press conference, organised by the Inland navigation section of ETF, during which information was given about the work related problems of the sector and the unions’ efforts to solve them in a dignified way. Citizens were appealed to support these efforts and the search for social dialogue with the river cruise companies. This is the right way for the numerous problems related with hiring, payment, insurance and living conditions of the workers to be solved. This applies also to workers employed in the “horeca” (hotels, restaurants and catering) sector.

The Federation of Transport Trade Unions in Bulgaria (FTTUB), as an active member of the ETF and the ITF and participant in the project, joined the Action week inviting Bulgarian public to support it. Furthermore, FTTUB turns to the leadership of the Bulgarian river cruise company “Dunav Tours” with a proposal for meeting and constructive discussion on the working conditions and lives of its employees, most of which are our compatriots. The FTTUB and its members also distributed a leaflet to passengers in a number of European river and sea ports.