One more bell started to ring at the “Bells” monument in Sofia


Today, 12th of August 2014, the world celebrates the International Youth Day recognized as such by the UN resolution voted in 1999. In furtherance of this event, young transport workers from 115 countries gathered at the “Bells” area where they put a specially crafted bell on behalf of the FTTUB Youth Committee. The event’s slogan was “Echo in the future”. Young people from every continent – delegates of their unions at the 43rd ITF congress, Ms. Sharan Burrow – General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), Ms. Ekaterina Yordanova – President of the FTTUB and Ms. Veneta Serafimova – Sofia Municipal Council member participated for the bell’s installation. 

“To be here with the young workers of Bulgaria and their colleagues from all around the World on the International Youth Day with the symbolism of this magnificent bells is a very special moment for me. Thank you and congratulations to the the young transport workers of Bulgaria and the FTTUB for making this place ring again!” – said Ms. Sharan Burrow.

“Be strong and healthy, be free, because freedom is a choice. Make this choice! “– That was the advise that municipality member Veneta Serafimova gave to the young future leaders.

“Work and fight for a descent life here in Bulgaria. This is your country and here you have a future! Do not become the modern slaves of Europe! “ – with these words the FTTUB President Ekaterina Yordanova officially closed the ceremony and encouraged the young people to accept the song of the bells as a symbol of unity between nations and to remember that each and everyone of them can contribute to this unity.

The new bell together with the 98 other bells started to ring at 9.30am spreading the hope of the young participants for brighter future for them and for the generations to come.


The International Youth Day was pronounced by the UN resolution in 1999 in order to promote the dialogue between the young people and the generations from different cultures. FTTUB celebrates this day every year from 2010 up to now.

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