ETF Civil Aviation Section elected its youth representative!


On the 27th November 2013, the Civil Aviation section in the ETF elected its youth representative. We are proud to announce that her name is Alina Milusheva from FTTUB.

“I do not believe in the end of trade unionism. Trade union movement can never die because it is based on solidarity, it is about workers standing together, defending their rights and values and us, people – we need to be together in groups, we are social creatures.
The youth of today, we are called the individualistic generation.
It is true that we expect our individuality, our uniqueness to be respected but I do not believe that being in a group is anyhow affecting it and I do not see any opposition here. All of the contrary – a good union is a group of many and different individualities”, Alina said.

She declared her readiness to work on developing the modern image of the unions and stressed on the importance of global solidarity.
Alina shared with the members of the Сivil aviation section part of the issues raised by the young people at the their Conference in Zagreb such as precariousness and bad working conditions but also more general problems like the ecological crisis, violence against women and discrimination. In this connection, she stressed on the importance of entering into contact with non-governmental organisations such as environmental and gay/transgender friendly associations and declared on behalf of the youth their willingness to work in tight collaboration with the ETF Women’s Committee.

Alina Milusheva will be the link between the Civil Aviation Section and the ETF Youth Committee for the next 4 years, we wish her best of luck!