Regional meeting of transport trade unions, Skopje

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In the period 30/11 – 01/12/2013 a regional meeting was held in Skopje between trade unions of the transport sector and telecommunications from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Slovenia. The meeting took place three months after the first one which was organized in Sofia where participants were representatives from FTTUB and SRSVM. On the meeting last week the President of FTTUB was awarded a plaque by Mikko Stojanovic, leader of SRSVM.
The Bulgarian side were present Ekaterina Yordanova, president of FTTUB and member of the Executive committee of ETF and ITF, Sasho Aleksov, chairman of Bulgarian railway trade union to FTTUB, Emilia Ivanova, chairman of the trade union organization of FTTUB in “Electrical transport”.
The conference started with a summary of the previous meeting in September. During the meeting the global and European issues facing the transport trade unions and the specific problems in the region were discussed and also the possible ways to resolve them through active cooperation at regional level and possibilities to participate in the formulation of specific policies at European and world level through ETF and ITF. Each country presented the main problems to its agenda and the common ones were outlined. The meeting was widely covered by the local media.
A resolution adopted at the last meeting of Civil Aviation Section of ETF in Prague on 27.11.2013 was presented in support of Milorad Milanovic and Vladimir Ristesky (see below). All participants in the conference supported the document.
At the end of the meeting a decision was taken to strengthen cooperation in the region through creating trade unions networks in transport and telecommunications and more intensive contacts.
The meeting was organized in cooperation with the regional office of FES in Belgade, and the next will be held in March 2014.
On the 1st of December was held another meeting relating to the specific issues of the dismissal of trade union leaders in ATM company in Skopje. The meeting was attended by the victims and trade union leader from third organization also affected. The possible next steps were discussed and also the deadlines for their implementation.

See the Resolution of ETF, CAS in support of our colleagues from SRSVM in FYROM below:

Resolution of ETF