Celebrating International Workers’ Day


Dear partners, colleagues and friends,
On behalf of FTTUB team and personally, I’d like to congratulate you on occasion of one of the biggest trade union holidays – May 1st !

This is the day when we celebrate solidarity among people, social justice and the right to equal working conditions. We all have common interests, share common values and hopes, and together we walk the path towards a greater social protection, defending the right to decent work and all fundamental human rights.

Let us never tire to insist for decent wages, for ever better working conditions and modernization of our jobs. Let us never cease fighting for respect – the respect that the labor of every one of us deserves!

Let us be healthy and strong, so we can face together the challenges of our times. Let us be resilient, full of optimism and enthusiasm, so we can continue to achieve our goals! Let us all have the support and understanding of our colleagues, our families, our communities, as their well-being is our main drive to fight the trade union fight!

Happy May 1st!

Ekaterina Yordanova
President FTTUB