Meeting with the Sofia urban transport TU leaders

Today, 29 July, in the FTTUB premises, the President Ekaterina Yordanova met the trade union leaders of 3 out of the 4 Sofia urban transport enterprises. The “Metropolitan” representative Pavel Dimov was not able to participate due to an emergency situation.
The main agenda item was the readiness of the organizations for the upcoming negotiations on collective agreements, most of which expire at the end of the year. Leaders discussed the existing difficulties in the dialogue in every single company and the steps to overcome them.
They also discussed the CITUB position on the local elections 2015 and its expectations from the local authorities in the field of transport and transport infrastructure of the capital. An analysis of the FTTUB partnership with Sofia Municipality in the last ten years was made. The general opinion was that the positives are obvious and it should be continued.

On the FTTUB and the European Future Foundation joint project within Green Sofia Program – named Flower Garden – the Federation urged its members in the urban transport of Sofia to active participation. The main activity is planting flowers and shrubs at the green area in front of the FTTUB office.
A list of miscellaneous currant issues was also discussed and related activities were planned.