Upcoming projects in urban transport

On 25th September 2014 the Urban transport working group within ETF Road transport Social Dialogue committee met in Brussels. FTTUB was represented by its Executive Secretary Daniela Zlatkova. Given the expectation for the European Commission to approve an independent social dialogue committee for Urban transport, special attention was paid to the work program of the Committee for the period 2015-2019. A number of proposals for joint projects were discussed. After a long and heated debate  the social partners agreed on the following priorities:

– Protection of jobs when changing operator
– Training of drivers in relation to the implementation of Directive 2003/59
– Employment of women in public transport
– Demographic changes and the attractiveness of the sector as an employer
– Changes in technical staff qualifications with the introduction of new technologies

In the long run, section members will also be working on ‘Healthy and safe workplaces and work organization’. For the project ‘Protection of jobs when changing operator’, a proposal has already been submitted to the European Commission. Approval is expected by end of November. FTTUB’s Organizing Secretary Milena Tachinova was appointed a member of the Executive Board of the project.