ITF: Act now to support #DHLDelhi4


Workers at DHL India have been suspended from work and transferred hundreds of miles away from their families apparently as punishment for their trade union activities.
Sunil, Mahender, Kalyan and Sanjay need our support now.
Workers in Delhi are staging a Dharna (sit in) this Sunday. To coincide, ITF is launching two weeks of virtual Dharna. Here’s what you can do to support:

Make a union graphic
ITF has designed an own graphic to show solidarity with the #DHLDelhi4. Do the same and post your graphic on Facebook and twitter. Take a look of ITF’s graphic for inspiration.
Take a black ribbon selfie
Two of the workers were suspended after wearing black ribbons in silent protest at their lack of union representation. Post pictures of you and your colleagues doing the same on Facebook and twitter.
Don’t forget to message your graphics and selfies to ITFglobalunion on Facebook or post them on our timeline. If you’re tweeting them use our handle @itfglobal and the hashtag #DHLDelhi4
The images will be amalgamated and presented to DHL India on 10 October so make sure you’re involved to ensure exposure for your solidarity efforts.
Suspend the transfers: workers’ rights for all!
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