Our top day of the Action Week

October 10th was a real hit day of the ITF Action Week for FTTUB. Four different events in the field of road and water transport were held in Sofia, Varna and Bourgas.
At 10 a.m., in the Ministry of Transport and Communications a meeting was held with the Executive Agency “Automotive Administration” officials to discuss issues of our international drivers and have been adopted concrete measures for cooperation between FTTUB and EAAA to resolve them.
On the same day, in parking lots around Sofia Ring Road, leaflets were distributed presenting the truck drivers’ rights of rest time. Same leaflets were distributed at the beginning of the week in Netherlands as part of ETF project “Crossroad 2” initiated by FTTUB.
In the afternoon, Bulgarian railway company represented by its CEO Ms Raykova joined the signing of the Manheim declaration, started on October 8th. More details about the initiative are available here.
In Varna, a meeting was held between trade unions affiliates of FTTUB in ports East and West and the management of the enterprise. The theme was container safety and how to adopt the IMO, ILO and UNECE new international rules. The workers in both ports and Port Burgas continued the distribution of leaflets on the subject that began the day before – see here.
Container Safety
Let us congratulate ourselves on a job well done and let’s continue to work towards ever bigger achievements!