Up to 95% from salaries saved from companies in the transport area


If a transport company hires a subcontractor under the “mailbox principle” for instance in Bulgaria, the same company might save up to 90-95% from salaries or social benefits. To this conclusion came the European Transport Federation’s survey conducted together with the FTTUB. The survey was presented yesterday, 13th of August on the 43rd ITF congress in Sofia.

The main conclusion of the survey is that the subcontracting companies have the habit of not organizing their main activities in the country where they conduct their businesses, thus avoiding the requirements of the labour law in the country.

Around 60% of the truck drivers interviewed for the survey have received their wages based on the kilometres they were driving. The fares are around 10 euros per 100 kilometres. “This situation causes a serious social dumping coming from the drivers of Bulgaria and Romania towards their western European colleagues. This is a problem for us that we have to tackle together” said Ekaterian Yordanova – President of the FTTUB.


What is more, the working conditions of the drivers are appalling, especially when they spend all their free time in the truck. “If I know that this can of soda is delivered to me in these conditions, I wouldn’t buy it” expressed his indignation Helmut Deaner – delegate of the German union EVG and general manager of the project Mobifair. His reaction came after the movie that showed the awful working conditions of the Bulgarian and Romanian truck drivers.

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During this discussion a lot of participants agreed that this state of the business is a result of the neoliberalism where the labour standards are minimized in order to increase the profits of the industry.

Many examples of labour rights infringements were given at the meeting. A lot of union activists from Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Denmark, Spain, Kenya, South Korea, Norway, Romania, France, Sweden etc. presented the problems of the transport area in their countries.

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„The second project aimed at tackling the social dumping will be signed soon in order to preserve the roads safe for the workers and the citizens” concluded Ekaterina Yordanova.