The youth committee of FTTUB spread wings

Today, 17.01. in the conference hall of ATM at Sofia airport the National Youth Conference of FTTUB takes place. The conference is attended by the youth representatives of the TUs affiliates of FTTUB within maritime, air, inland, road, railways, urban transport and infrastructure, logistics and telecommunications.
The official guests are the President of FTTUB Ekaterina Yordanova, the Vice-president Ivan Drazhev, Evelina Kachakova from ATM, Daniela Aleksieva from CITUB, Emiliano Addisi, representative of ITF’s Youth Committee, and youth representatives from SRSVM, FYROM along with their president Miko Stojanovski. Stephen Cotton, general secretary of ITF, sent a video address from London to the participants. More than seventy delegates decide on their agenda, priorities and their participation in August in the 43rd Congress of ITF in Sofia.